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Dr. Emily Burns at Riverview Dental Associates in Auburn, ME is pleased to offer sleep apnea relief and oral appliance therapy. If you suffer from a sleeping disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea, working with a sleep dentistry provider could eliminate the need for a bulky CPAP machine.

How Oral Sleep Appliances Work

Dental sleep apnea treatments in Auburn, Maine use a specially fitted oral appliance to naturally open your upper airway (near the back of your throat.) Since obstructive apnea is typically due to blockage caused by soft tissues—such as your tongue, tonsils, and soft palate—preventing that blockage is key.

When you wear an oral sleep appliance, it gently positions your lower jaw in a way that prevents the tongue from slipping backward against your airway. Creating more space at the back of your mouth thus improves airflow, improving oxygen intake while you sleep.

Advantages of an Oral Appliance

  • Discreet
  • Simpler to clean
  • Easy to travel with
  • Quieter than CPAP
  • Usually covered by medical insurance

A dental sleep apnea device can begin working as quickly as the first night of use. They’re designed to work independently, but some people also wear them alongside their CPAP machine. Others can replace their CPAP entirely, depending on their results.

Choosing a Sleep Dentistry Provider

Oral sleep apnea appliances are FDA-approved medical devices that are prescribed similar to a CPAP machine. However, they can only be fitted and delivered by a licensed dentist who is trained in sleep medicine. At Riverview Dental Associates, our sleep dentistry providers can guide you through the treatment process to help you achieve comfortable results (and fewer referrals.)

Think You Have Sleep Apnea?

Reserve a sleep apnea screening with our Auburn dentist. If necessary, we can request a home sleep study for you to complete.

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