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Today’s choice of cosmetic dentistry options in Auburn, ME makes it easier than ever to achieve a beautiful smile. With a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments in Auburn, Maine to choose from, you can tailor your smile makeover experience to fit both your timeline and budget.

Treatments Available

More often than not, our clients combine two or three different treatments to help them achieve the results they’re looking for. Some of our more popular aesthetic services include:

Dental Veneers— Quickly transform your teeth into a straighter, whiter, healthier-looking smile. Veneers can address everything from the size and shape of your teeth to minor crowding and gaps. No whitening or braces are necessary!

Teeth Whitening— Professional teeth whitening is perfect as a stand-alone smile makeover or to jumpstart your cosmetic transformation. Our quality materials erase deep stains and discoloration faster than anything you’ll find in stores.

Cosmetic Bonding— Instantly erase the signs of surface flaws in your tooth enamel. Dental bonding covers and reshapes issues such as chips in teeth, small gaps, and uneven tooth surfaces.

Tooth and Gum Recontouring— Symmetry is key to a beautiful smile. If your teeth or gums are uneven, it can create an unbalanced appearance that throws off everything else. Recontouring gently smooths out teeth and evens gumlines for a harmonious smile shape from one side of your smile to the other.

Flexible Payment Options Available

Your unique smile makeover is tailored to your specific needs. Whatever budget you’re working with, we can help you find a flexible way to afford your new favorite accessory. Thanks to low and 0% interest financing options, affordable monthly payments mean you can get started on treatment right away.

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