Orthodontics Auburn, ME

Having a straight, properly aligned smile can help you enjoy better oral health in the years ahead. Our in-house orthodontics and braces options in Auburn, ME can help you reduce your risk of common dental concerns like:

  • TMJ Disorder
  • Irregular enamel wear
  • Broken dental work
  • Dental emergencies
  • Periodontal disease
  • Tooth decay

When your smile is properly aligned, your teeth are at a statistically higher rate of improved health. If you don’t have naturally straight teeth, orthodontics in Auburn can change that.

When to Get an Orthodontic Screening

Orthodontists and dental experts recommend that every child receive an orthodontic evaluation by the time they’re 7 years old. However, many orthodontic patients are in their teens before they get braces. Today, adults make up a large percentage of orthodontic patients because of their desire to enjoy straighter, healthier, more attractive smiles. In fact, investing in braces as an adult is considered part of a comprehensive approach to treating issues like TMJ disorder and periodontal disease.

You’re never too old to benefit from a straighter smile.

Choosing the Best Type of Braces/Orthodontics

Today’s technology and resources make it possible to choose the best type of braces for your lifestyle. From traditional bracket and wire systems to removable, clear aligners (such as Invisalign or ClearCorrect) there’s something for everyone. Even short-term ortho like “fast braces” can enhance the appearance of your smile in a matter of months.

Traditional Braces


Clear Aligners


Discover What’s Possible

During your orthodontic screening, our providers will discuss your bite needs, the best treatment for your situation, and approximately how long the process will take to achieve. From there our treatment coordinators will work up a care plan that includes any insurance benefits and applicable fees. Financing plans are available. You’ll know exactly what to expect before you ever commit to treatment.

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