Dentures w/ Implants Auburn, ME

Do you prefer a removable denture's economic advantages but want the implants' stability? Implant-supported overdentures are an excellent choice in Auburn, ME. Also called "snap-on dentures" or "implant stabilized overdentures," these denture designs clip directly on top of a set of implants.

Full Dentures (“Plates”)

Traditional dentures rest directly on top of your gum tissues. They usually require suction or muscle control to help keep them in place. If you're someone with past bone loss or a narrow jaw, keeping your dentures secure throughout the day can be especially challenging. Fortunately, implant overdentures can change that.

Implant Overdentures Auburn, ME

Implant dentures are a type of implant-retained denture system that clips directly on top of an implant. These implant-supported restorations mimic a conventional denture design, with the exception of added implant stabilization. Under the base of the denture are 2-4 special locators that "snap" or "clip" onto a corresponding mini dental implant inside your mouth. Your denture is still removable, but it's affixed onto implants during the day for added comfort and security.

Should I Get an Implant Denture?

Wearing an implant-stabilized denture is ideal for anyone struggling with keeping it in place throughout the day. No messy adhesives or pastes are necessary. Everything clips into place until you're ready to remove it.

Overdentures work well for people who:

  • Don't qualify for traditional All-on-4 implants
  • Prefer the affordability of dentures
  • Have limited bone support in their jaws

Caring for Implant-Supported Dentures

Overdentures look like traditional dentures, with the exception of special locators underneath the "plate." This design allows you to clip the stabilized denture into place and remove it at night for easy home care.

Always be sure to remove your prosthesis before bed and soak it in an effervescent cleanser. Gently clean the inside of your mouth with a soft cloth or toothbrush. The next morning, brush and rinse your appliance before placing it back into your mouth.

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